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III. Didgeridoo Camp

at the Tourists ‘s House at Hidegkút (www.hidegkutituristahaz.hu), Gyöngyöspata

2016. 07. 14-17.

Finally Didgeridoo Camp time has arrived again, the 3rd stage of this outstanding event. We hope that everybody is ready for their experience in paradise. Symbiotic perfection between the instrument, the natural surroundings, fellow participants. We are extremely happy to announce that preparations for this year`s event are looking really good. A few highlights include the fact that celebrated musician Markus Meurer, has accepted our invitation to perform at the camp, while another piece of good news is that we have succeeded in acquiring Solar Powered amplifiers. We urge everyone to submit their applications for the course as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Thursday – Day 0:

11.00 – Arrival
Connecting with friends old and new, Cooking together (Supper Preparation), Camp installation, Collecting of Firewood, Didgeridoo blowing, Campfire building, Acclimatization.

15.00-­17.00 Arrival Workshop – Dániel Máthé (for freshmen)

17.00­ Concert – Didgeridudes

19.00 Supper (awesome pasta with carrots)

21.00 Movies

After sunset: Jam at the campfire

Friday – Day 1:

10.00 Breakfast

11.00-­13.00 Beginners WS – Péter Bálint (basics)

13.00 Lunch

15.00-­18.00 Advanced Workshop – Markus Meurer (Create your own style and rhythms!)

18.00 Supper

20.00 Concert – Markus Meurer

After sunset: Jam at the campfire

Saturday – Day2:

10.00 Breakfast

11.00-­13.00 Rhythm­market WS
Exchanging, swapping our favourite rhythms. We ́re kindly asking every participant to offer one of their rhythms for „trade”!

13.00 Lunch

15:00-16:00 Slide Didgeridoo Workshop – Balázs Martin (Didgeribone, the practical travelcompanion)

16.00-­18.00 Open Stage Omega +++
This is the time and the place for every camper to discover what it feels like to play in front of an audience. Let us entertain each other!

19.00 Supper

20.33 – 04.57 VIGIL

Sunday – Day 3:

Those who held the Vigil are sleeping, for everyone else it ́s freetime.

12.00 Farewell Lunch

The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

Further details:

Applications should be submitted no later than July 10th at didgeridoocamp@gmail.com. Camp fee includes accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals. Accommodation in the house: 4.500/pers./night, Accommodation in tents: 3.500/pers./night. Any other expense will be the responsibility of the participant. Farewell lunch after the Vigil can be ordered for 600HUF.

How to get there:

Don ́t worry, if you don ́t have a didgeridoo! Throughout the duration of the camp you ́ll have didgeridoo(s) provided by the „Hollow Log Didgeridoos”, by „Ethnosound Worldmusic Store” and by „Jó Didgeridoo”. You ́ll have the chance to try out several different quality and type of instruments.

Dániel Máthé:
I ́ve always been attracted to intuitive instruments, that demand an experimental approach, so this is how I ended up playing the Didgeridoo. Initially I was using a PVC tube, then came a teak instrument and later a few fiberglass ones. Right from the beginning – and even more so since – I can say out loud with immense pride, that I ́m joined to my instrument and the community that surrounds it. In spite of its simplicity, the didgeridoo can be played in many different styles, depending on my mood, or the artist that I ́m listening to. My style could best be described as modern, using the wobble and various other vocal techniques. Musicians who have shaped and inspired me are: Dubravko Lapaine, Ondrej Smeykal, Gudanjabro, Bálint Péter, William Thoren, Zalem, Carlo Cattano, Andrea Ferroni, David Hudson.

Balázs Martin:
My first encounter with the didgeridoo was in 2000. Initially as a self­taught player, but then in 2001 I joined the „Turunga Didgeridoo Circle”. In 2006 I spent one month in Australia, studying the craft of didgeridoo making. This has been a milestone in my life in both a musical and cultural sense. After returning to Hungary, we founded the band, the Gudanjabro, which was essentially a didgeridoo duo with an occasional „guest instrument”. Our album, the Versus – the first didgeridoo album recorded in Hungary – released in 2008, was the fruit of hard work and persistence. In collaboration with János Kerekes we then launched the „Hollow Log Didgeridoos” online shop and information centre. I ́ve been giving workshops for years now and had the opportunity to perform on stage several times. The quality of the relationship between the didgeridoo and the player is very important to me. In my music, I represent the contemporary style, but I greatly respect the unique Aboroginal culture.


Péter Bálint:
My first encounter with the didgeridoo was approximately 15 years ago. Initially I was a self­taught player, like most of us. Later I took part in workshops held both in Hungary and abroad, where I tried to absorb as many techniques as possible. People who had great impact on my music include: Kerekes János, Martin Balázs, Csirmaz Gábor, Markus Meurer, Gauthier Aubé, Andrea Ferroni, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Dubravko Lapaine, Ondrej Smeykal, Mike Jackson, Si Mullumby. I ́m very happy to share my aquired knowlegde in workshops. This year I ́ll be giving a very detailed course at the beginning of the workshop.

Markus Meurer:
Markus Meurer lives in Vienna, Austria. He started playing the Didgeridoo 18 years ago.
Since then he played and taught the Didgeridoo in different projects all over Europe,
Israel, India and Australia. In 2004 he worked and lived 4 months in Yirrkala, North-East
Arnhemland, Australia to learn traditional-playing-techniques on the Didgeridoo.
In 2006 he formed the band AIRtist, where he plays the Didgeridoo since then. He also plays the
didgeridoo with the australian band Loonaloop and his newest project Beatfeet!
Markus style of playing the didgeridoo could be described as “upbeat contemporary”.

Markus Meurer imparts his individual rhythmical and percussive playing-style and demonstrates how to create your own rhythms in the most simple way. You are taught how to make your didgeridoo-playing more interesting, multifaceted and dynamic. It´s also about how to create your own style and express yourself throgh the Didgeridoo. Another focus will be on how to jam creatively with other musicians.
Airtist, “Dhaulagir”

The Didgeridudes:
Péter Bálint and Dániel Máthé. Our band came to life in a spontaneous way. We first met at a festival and were immediately jamming until dawn. During those early stages, we already felt completed by each others music. The crystallization began in early 2015 and ever since we have been fine­tuning our songs, and are currently busy creating a unique project that is understandable to a wide audience. We can happily confirm that we ́re progressing well. We have received a lot of inspiration and ideas from fellow musicians, and similarly we are trying to reciprocate, in sharing the energy that we represent. Our music is varying and energetic, a blend of several styles, while the main bonding ingredient is humor and in creating a good ambience, that is also typical of our personalities and our rehearsals.

The past years have proved that the instrument is able to create a community. The 2015 „No Money Day” was such a great success, that basically throughout the whole camp new programs were being organized. Programmes included Gong meditation, Jew ́s Harp workshop, massage, mineral tour, tea ceremony, children ́s programs. Thank you, for sharing these with us. We are calling on everyone who has the strength to join and to add to the development of this community. Apart from the organized programs, we would like to give space and opportunity to initiatives of a similar nature once again.


  • Hollow Log Didgeridoos
  • Ethnosound World Music Instruments
  • Hidegkúti Turistaház
  • Naplopó
  • Belső Mag Stúdió
  • Analog Art Tattoo
  • Iza Kovács
  • Béla Bróz
  • Péter Varga
  • Katalin Korecz

Thank you!

 Péter Bálint & Balázs Martin

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