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Didgeridoo Camp


A sound, that carries you back to the arms of Mother Earth. A mixture of the human voice and the sound of all living creatures, an unusual harmony between man and Mother Nature. Sometimes it sounds like the call of a strange animal, at other times it is like a gentle and haunting breeze, changing, earthy, meditative, a sound that will calm you, then wake your soul. A sound that provokes reflection and tells you stories. The sound of the didgeridoo. If you would like to know more about this special instrument, you belong with us at the Didgeridoo Camp.

The camp, or should we say gathering, is built – organized – around the instrument. The reason why this concept was created, was to have an event in Hungary where the friends of the didgeridoo can meet up, play music together, exchange ideas and advice, practice together freely, without boundaries.

At the Camp, everything is provided for us to have a good time and a truly unforgettable weekend. We would like our Hungarian friends of the didgeridoo to have a „nest”, where they can relax, develop, create new ideas for future programs.

The first Vigil in the memory of the Aborigine people held in 2004, was an important milestone in the history of the Hungarian didgeridoo society.

„The first Didgeridoo Vigil was held in March 2004. The basic idea was to maintain the didgeridoo sound for 12 hours without interruption, with the sound being passed on as a „baton”. Because the vigil is an ancient way of expressing respect, sympathy, dedication and compassion, we thought that this was the best way to salute the cultural heritage of this instrument. In the meantime we wanted to express our solidarity towards the native people of Australia, who have been oppressed and tortured for hundreds of years and still as of today, have not officially and legally been recognised as the First Australian Nation.

The first Vigil has since been followed by several other programs. Not only were there more and more didgeridoo players joining us at these gatherings, but also an ever growing number of people who were listening to the sound of our didgeridoo from dusk until dawn. The spirituality of the vigil is free of any belief or religion and is solely to represent and protect the ancient human values.”

As we are continuing the tradition that we started with the first Vigil in 2004, during one night of the next camp, we will pass on the sound of the didgeridoo from sunset until sunrise. Should you just want to listen, relax, meditate, or sleep with the sound of the didgeridoo all around you, you are also most welcome!

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